Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Radish pesto

Last week Mark brought home baby radishes from the farmer's market. The radish were so small that it got me thinking - what can one do with radish greens?

It turns out that you can, among other things, make pesto with them! So, we did. And it was delicious.

I referenced this recipe on the Chocolate and Zucchini blog as a rough guideline for ingredients and amounts. Then I set about to make our pesto.

We had pistachios on hand, so I chose them for the nut portion of the pesto. After toasting them in a pan for about a minute I added them and the radish greens minus the stems to the Cuisinart and pulsed them a few times.

Once I had the right balance of nuts to radish green ratio I added all of the other ingredients - cheese, salt and lemon - and quickly pulsed them a few times. Then I drizzled olive oil in while pulsing a few more times until it was a thick paste. I tend to go easy on the olive oil initially since you can always add more if you want to later on.

There was about a cup left over which should be just enough for another spring pasta dish later this week!