Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chutney, chutney, chutney

I love Sundays at home. Today I did not get out of my pajamas, but I did get into making chutney. And jam.

I had about five pounds of green tomatoes clogging the fridge which were on my hit list. Also, I had several pounds of Romas which I aimed to make jam with.

Mark recently checked out America's Test Kitchen's DIY cookbook from the library the other day and I wanted to test out some it's recipes.

So, I made one recipe each of their green tomato chutney and tomato jam. Both recipes were easy to follow and can be used right away or canned.

I also decided to use up some spare apples and rhubarb from the garden to make another chutney. This one came from the Ball canning book. Initially I cut the sugar back by a cup and decided to use the 1 cup of extra apples - but, Mark and I found it way too sweet.

I added another half cup of dried cranberries which Mark informed me were sweet and not so tart. Then I added a quarter cup of apple cider and a half tablespoon of crushed pepper flakes.That cut the sweetness, but it was adding a second quarter cup of apple cider vinegar that clinched it.

I am excited about the result of all four recipes which I think will taste great as an accompaniment for grilled meat, on sandwiches and served with crackers and cheese.

Yield: 32 jars

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