Monday, September 24, 2012

Holy tomato Batman!

Last night I harvested the the bigun' from the garden.

This is the Gold Medal variety
that I mentioned in this post
earlier this spring.

While it does not measure up
size wise to some of the
veggies at the Harrogate
Flower Show, and it was not
the 3 4 pounds I predicted in
the last post, it is still one
heck of a tomato!

I had another Gold Medal (and Black Krim and Cocolate Cherry) today for lunch and it tastes great too! For that reason, along with the fact that it regularly grows beautiful, large fruit and does well with cooler night time temperatures, I think it is a keeper.

Gold medal indeed.

I also harvested two Tromboncino squash last night. While you can eat them like any summer squash when they are smaller, I like to reserve these guys for pickling.

Last year we make some refrigerator pickles with one and then canned the rest spicy Italian and curry flavored.

I think that we will have to do curry again this year and then if we get another few later this month we will also make some Italian.

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