Saturday, September 1, 2012

Watering while you are away

I am off to point Reyes, CA to visit my parents and siblings this weekend!

It has been a whirlwind of activity leading to this point - family in town, canning projects, work, etc.

But, one of the most important tasks to me in prepping for going away is to make sure that my plants are ready for a few days of neglect. I also try to make sure that it is easy for who ever needs to water in my stead while I am gone.

I think I hit on a winning combination this time. I deeply soaked the front bed and the troughs on the driveway this morning. Then I set it up so that all Mark has to do to water the raised bed and two troughs is to turn the spigot on Monday night when he gets home and then remember to turn it off an hour or so later. The three soaker hoses cost about $30 and I think are well worth that for the ease of care and peace of mind!

I also watered all the pots and then moved them close together in hopes that they can't possibly be missed when Mark waters Monday night. Included in the potted category are the new seedlings (kale, chard, and leeks) for this fall-winter garden.

We shall see how well it worked when I arrive home on Friday!

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