Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gardening by numbers

Yesterday was long, yet satisfying day in the garden.

We rented a pick-up truck and got two cubic yards of mulch to spread on the flower and shrub beds around the house.

We also spread a cubic yard of cedar bark chips along the path out front and between our neighbor's driveway and the raised bed on the west side of the house. The whole project took eight hours start-to-finish.

Since I had already weeded the beds on one of those rare sunny days in February the beds were fairly weed free. Adding a blanket of mulch will help to keep the weeds at bay for the rest of the year.

It will also help to feed the soil, keep it cooler and retain water throughout the hotter weather this summer.

Right now it also has the added benefit creating a uniform black back drop for my plants!

Three cubic yards of materials, two people, one truck and eight hours of work. Not bad for a days work.

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